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Welcome to the DHS Library

Library Hours: M-TH 7 AM - 4:45 PM, Friday 7 AM - 2:30 PM

Electronic Library Pass


Please use this link to send digital library passes for students who are going to the library. Enter in the passcode (if you don't know the passcode call the Library). Please put the student name and purpose of business in the appropriate block.  CLICK HERE FOR FORM

A-Z Database List
Full list of Databases the library subscribes to, including trial access.
Go to A-Z List
Find Books in Our Library
Gale Databases
Peabody Institute Library of Danvers
Library Schedule
Noodle Tools

Noodle Tools must be accessed through a google app in your school gmail account

The school user name is: danvers high school. The password is: l_ _ _ _ _  y

For grades 10-12  Your personal user name is your last name first name.  Your  password should be d _ _ _ _ _ s

Grade 9  Your personal user name is DHS network log-in (ex.  The password should be your network password.

See a librarian if you need help.

Link to the Onion